Bob Antaya is seasoned sales engineer who is the founder and heart and soul of Fluid Cooling Systems. With over 20 years in the industry, he has sold everything from pumps to complex, enclosed chiller plants, and is an expert in engineered heating and cooling systems. Bob is known not only for his strong work ethic, but also his dedication to his customers, which include companies such as Johnson Controls, Ford Motor Company and ExxonMobil.

Always up to a challenge, Bob is a problem-solver by nature. He is very adept at providing solutions to his customers’ most complex needs – which always come before the sale. Bob invests the time to educate his customers so they can make an informed decision that best suits their specific requirements and overall goals. Building strong customer relationships though education and commitment, and his resolute integrity, are what sets Bob apart from his peers. He is truly best of breed.

Bob is always looking to add to his knowledge base and learn new technologies. He has strong business acumen and is an active member in the Entrepreneur’s Organization – a global business network with 9,500+ members in over 40 countries.

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