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Modular Mechanical Rooms

(4/26)  An Intelligent Solution for Mechanical Systems

Our team recently discovered a report issued by The United States Government Accountability Office, which outlined a problem affecting much of the country: aging facilities – specifically, educational, healthcare and VA healthcare facilities. As these facilities age, so does their infrastructure, and one of the most vital components affected […]

Modular Mechanical Room for Quartz Manufacturer

(2/9) We do BIG systems here at FCS, and this one is no exception. It’s a process cooling system that’ll ship out in a few weeks to a quartz manufacturer in the area. When complete, she’ll weigh in at about 60,000 lbs, be completely enclosed and heated. We call it a modular mechanical room, or […]

Leveraging free cooling to reduce energy and maintenance costs


Free cooling is an economical method of using low external air temperatures and an air cooled heat exchanger to satisfy a cooling load. It is a smart method of providing effective cooling in addition to, or in place of, a chiller.


An air cooled heat exchanger is […]

Why VFDs are critical in every industrial application

(8/20) COST-SAVING SERIES POST 1 OF 3:  Function and Benefits of VFD

In industrial (and commercial) facilities, most energy is used moving water and air, via pumps and fans respectively. Their motors are oversized to handle worst-case, peak load situations, which occur only about 5% of the year. This means pumps and fans are using excessive […]

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