Boiler & Hot Water Systems

Hot water is used in the facilities of many customers. Processes in foods, chemicals and industrial manufacturing require steam or hot water. There are heat loads and flow rates for processing and for sanitation at the end of a shift that can dramatically affect the amount of hot water required during a day, and how quickly a volume of hot water is replenished after use must be engineered into a system. Rapid flow rate changes can lead to temperature changes, flashing, and potential risks for workers and processes. FCS designs simple to complex hot water systems that are reliable and flexible.

Typical Steam to Hot Water System includes ASME shell and tube heat exchangers, dual pumping, air separation, condensate handling and PLC controls.
Boiler Packages can feature user-specified condensing or non condensing boilers. Systems can be skid mounted or enclosed for outdoor installation. Pre-packaged boiler systems are more compact and efficient than alternative approaches

Steam is often utilized in Process applications due to its high heat content, no requirement for pumping and constant temperature at the process. Heat from steam is used in foods, chemical, pharma and many other manufacturing environments. Steam can deliver the advantage of using low-pressure and utilize latent heat for the heat transfer duty, providing more control of the temperatures than using sensible heat. In some duties hot water is preferred which requires heat exchangers to condense steam and pumps to move the water throughout a facility. This forms a closed-loop system which is typically easier to maintain and control. With a steam plant, insulation is critical to reduce significant thermal losses. A hot water system can be less costly to install and maintain, but many industrial processes require steam as well as hot water for other processes and comfort systems.

The newer boiler and hot-water technologies equate to higher efficiencies for condensing boilers and heat pumps for HVAC duties. Packaged steam to hot water systems from FCS can be utilized at the points of use to convert plant steam to hot water in a compact and efficient package. They can be sized for the duty and demand. In addition, as technology progresses we see smaller demands for steam or hot water. Newer reheat coil technologies can eliminate a large percentage of hot water needed for HVAC duties. As a result, hot-water packages need the flexibility for changing loads, and modular for re-deployment in facilities. It may be better to utilize several modular hot water systems at point of use and designed for that duty, than a larger steam plant with notable transmission losses and risk.

Hot Water Skids from FCS are cost-effective, compact, prevent thermal losses, are easy to install and maintain, transportable and can be dedicated for a particular use which may change as technology advances.

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