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Fluid Cooling Systems - Heat Transfer and Fluid Handling Specialists


Fluid Cooling Systems will provide the optimal solution for your industrial chilling needs. We use robust industrial components to ensure equipment longevity, with a focus on energy efficiency. We take a custom approach to each chiller application to make sure we meet your exact requirements. Our packaged chillers have been designed to make the installation and start-up process as easy as possible. Every system goes through an in-shop run-off procedure to guarantee a successful start-up in the field. Simply run power to our control panel and connect your inlet and outlet pipe to our chiller and you're ready to go.

Chiller Features:
  • Liquid chillers ranging in size from 2 to 2000 tons for temperatures down to 112F and as high as 85F.
  • Low ambient temperature controls
  • Well spaced components for accessibility and maintainability
  • Water regulating valve pre-piped for water cooled chillers
  • Shell and tube condenser or air cooled condenser
  • Stainless plate, copper brazed evaporators
  • Compressor options include: scroll, reciprocating, screws and centrifugals.
  • We match the best refrigerant and compressor to meet your chilled water temperature requirement
  • Integrated Pump Stations
  • Packages include: indoor floor mounted and mezzanine configured systems, weatherproof outdoor units, hazardous and standard environments. Split systems are also available.
  • We can chill all liquid products.


25,000 cfm compressed air drier

Remote air cooled central chiller using twin screw compressors


330 Ton triple circuit remote air cooled chiller

140 HP Remote air cooled chiller


Low temp water cooled packaged chiller

Explosion Proof Class 1 Div 2 Outdoor packaged chiller


150 Ton Low Temp containerized chilled water system

Low Temp freeze drier HX Skids


Outdoor Air cooled packaged chiller

200 Ton Low Temp Outdoor Air Cooled Packaged Chiller ( multiple compressors)


1250 HP Water cooled chiller

Sound attenuated chiller system