Data Centers

Our work with cooling systems for traditional data-centers and crypto currency miners is outstanding. We design and build process skids with pumping, heat transfer and heat rejection using traditional tower systems or dry fluid coolers engineered for the duty. We bring needed expertise using single-phase BitCool fluids flowing at high velocity across the processors of ASIC type Crypto Miner Servers.

Bitcoin Data Centers enjoy clear advantages. We can provide the exact solution for data center cooling and crypto currency miner server farms using dielectric oils and BitCool fluids. Servers may operate with higher fluid temperatures and reject heat directly to dry fluid coolers using sensible heat, closed loop cooling towers and plate heat exchangers to isolate the server room from the tower system and to provide automatic free-cooling.

Modular central utility plants can include chillers, pumps, cooling towers, tanks, plate heat exchangers and can be deployed as skids in an equipment room or as outdoor enclosed modules.

Modular Mechanical Rooms

Pumping Systems

Heat Transfer Systems

Dry fluid coolers can be employed whenever the server fluid temperatures are high enough to eliminate the use of chillers. Dry-Coolers can use adiabatic systems to drive even higher energy efficiency where temperatures permit. Fans can be fixed speed or have VSD drives.

Dry Coolers, electric and adsorption type chillers can be employed depending on the application. For crypto-currency miners, dry-coolers using BitCool fluid can directly cool server tanks.

Chillers, buffer tanks, dry-coolers and heat exchangers can be integrated to meet any process requirement. Free-cooling systems as shown can feature chillers, dry-coolers or cooling towers.
Open and Closes-Loop cooling tower systems are available including tower structures, safety rails, cat walks, davits and more. Open tower systems often include our SPIREX Centrifugal Separators.
Pumping stations for serving Bitcoin server tank farms can include plate heat exchangers, redundant pumping, air separation and other components depending on customer and application requirements. Recent deployment for a large ASIC Crypto Server Farm required over 4,000 GPM of BitCool immersion fluid from each redundant pumping skid.

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