The FCS Modular Mechanical Room, a complete heating or cooling solution that’s fully enclosed and can be configured to suit your most complex needs.

Whether it’s a modular chiller plant or other custom HVAC or cooling system, our engineers will work with you to provide an industrial solution that’s smart, efficient, robust and engineered to last while saving operating and maintenance costs. Our modular mechanical rooms are designed to make the installation and start-up process as easy as possible. Simply run power to our control panel and connect your inlet and outlet pipes and you’re ready to go. Every system goes through an in-shop run-off procedure to guarantee a successful start-up of each modular system in the field. As with all of our products and solutions, each system is covered by a limited two-year warranty. We also offer maintenance and service plans so you can enjoy worry-free operation beyond our warranty period.


There are many high level business business benefits as well as long-term operational benefits obtained by close-coupled, piped and wired compact enclosed outdoor mechanical rooms. Fluid Cooling Systems has expertise working with many components in modularized and often enclosed spaces including electric and absorption chillers, variable and fixed speed pumps, boilers, heat recovery systems, cooling towers and dry-coolers and more.

Factory built mechanical rooms are consistently less costly than field built approaches. By as much as 25%.

Fluid Cooling Systems enjoys the fact that our equipment saves thousands of kilowatts and the carbon to produce it.

By integrating FCS controls with oil-free chillers, there is less fouling in the heat evaporator and condenser so the chilled water system energy input becomes sustainable.

Further, new technologies allow us to provide chilled water systems with highly stable states that permit us to integrate direct refrigerant injection and thereby dynamically reset the pressure-ratio of our oil-free chillers to enable precise matching of actual demand-to-work (lift) in the compressors. Future developments may include direct DC/DC bus to use fuel-cell power at high-efficiency.

Integrating the engineering, assembly, fabrication, piping, wiring, testing and commissioning of complex systems with Fluid Cooling Systems assures long-term performance and highest ROI. We can provide ongoing support and maintenance upon request.

Shifting the mechanical room work offsite to a remote factory reduces site construction risks due to missed coordination across disciplines, labor availability, equipment room worker safety, and COVID related protocols and initiatives. In fact, secure FCS mechanical rooms can be equipped with features such as worker temperature monitoring for access.

The approach provides higher short and long-term value and mitigates risks.

By choosing a modularized approach, critical complex equipment and their inter-connects are done in parallel and more rapidly. site workers can prepare for the modules and mechanical rooms to arrive. This approach compresses the time value of money invested by owners.

Field built, complex mechanical systems must be properly interconnected across spaces while preserving pressure loss and temperature changes that affects downstream equipment ideal operation.

Performance, and more importantly, the energy it requires to overcome site-related realities is unfortunately inherent in traditional equipment rooms, but avoided in engineered compact modular spaces. Further, by moving the mechanical room outdoors, more valuable facility space is made available.

Modularization may be the optimum path to reducing facility carbon footprint with the responsible use of physical resources, space, money, people and energy for mechanical equipment.


  • Our modular design is easy to transport and install.
  • Systems are built to be scalable to accommodate future demands and growth.
  • PLC/HMI controlled with offsite monitoring and diagnostics
  • Multiple access doors and hatches for maintenance.
  • You get a complete solution with a complete two-year warranty.


  • Track and trolley with chain fall for the purpose of extracting equipment for maintenance.
  • Protected pipe and conduit chase under main deck.
  • Robust structure with flat top so that cooling towers or other equipment could be placed there to save space.
  • Engineered lift points at center top with lifting diagrams.
  • PLC/HMI controlled, with remote laptop/tablet options. Wired/wireless connectivity. Offsite monitoring and diagnostics. Data logging: multiple points – relative humidity, pressure, temps, water and air temp, etc.
  • Battery backup for controls and any power actuated valves.
  • Build to any spec, no matter how stringent (materials, location, weather, footprint, etc.)
  • Conditioned space with lighting, windows and interior/exterior convenience outlets
  • Insulation options.
  • Anti-skid epoxy floors.
  • Adheres to NFP code.
  • Onsite assistance for build out if desired.
  • Ongoing maintenance option.


Ford Motor Company – 5,200 ton Chilled Water and Condenser Water System with Seven Modules

Chilled water system using three (3) pumps, 2 in operation, 1 stand-by

  • 18” welded pipe, insulated.
  • Duplex basket strainers.

Condenser water system consisting of three (3) pumps, 2 in operation, 1 stand-by.

  • 24” welded pipe
  • SPIREX™ Centrifugal Separator for full flow filtration
  • Chemical treatment system
  • Corrosion coupon rack
  • Four (4) cell cooling tower system
  • Four (4) centrifugal water cooled chillers totaling 5,200 tons
  • Seven (7) modular mechanical rooms to enclose prepackaged systems
  • Motor control center complete with all controls and instrumentation.
  • Meet Ford specifications. Many cannot.

NTA – Cooling of Air Compressors, Billet Heaters, Forge Press, Trim Press and Heat Treat

Open Loop Duplex Pump station

  • 6” welded pipe
  • Spirex Centrifugal Separator for full flow filtration
  • 1500 gallon remote tank
  • Chemical feed system
  • NEMA 12 Control Panel with PLC/HMI

Arcelor-Mittal – Process Cooling the Induction Furnaces for Scrap Metal Processing

Dual Loop system design requirement.

  • Modular mechanical room houses open loop pump station and supports the open loop cooling tower
  • Open loop duplex pump station
  • 6” welded pipe
  • Spirex Centrifugal Separator for full flow filtration
  • 1500 gallon remote tank
  • Chemical feed system

Closed Loop Duplex Pump Station

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 6” welded stainless steel pipe
  • Plate and frame heat exchanger
  • 1000 gallon tank
  • NEMA 12 control panel

Ellwood National Crankshaft – Cooling Induction Equipment Used in the Manufacturing of Crankshafts

Open Loop Duplex Pump Station

  • 6” welded pipe
  • Spirex Centrifugal Separator for full flow filtration
  • 1500 gallon remote tank
  • Chemical feed system
  • NEMA 12 control panel with PLC/HMI

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