Plant Control Systems

We design and build industrial control panels that meet the most stringent specifications and duties.

Our standard package uses a dedicated HMI/PLC for process control. This approach allows for highest reliability and performance, flexibility in design and easy modifications in the field.

Our experienced team works with clients to assess opportunities and objectives to save energy, water, reduce waste-heat and operate in optimal conditions. From wall-mounted, single-door panels to free-standing, multi-door enclosures that integrate into plant controls, FCS has control solutions for any process application.

Systems can be provided using customer-preferred HMI and PLC combination. We
have experience with the major brands commonly seen in our customers commercial and industrial facilities.

We base out controls on hardened industrial PLCs from Allen-Bradley and Siemens. Human interfaces are robust and sized for ease of operator use. Data is updated in real-time and communications can include major BMS protocols.

Controls are fully integrated to our process equipment skids. Some systems are complex so this controls approach allows thorough testing for sensors, motors, valves, VFDs, etc.

We startup and commission our systems on site with customers to assure critical communications functions with facility systems is complete.

Advanced control algorithms can be connected to a building BMS to dynamically reset chilled water and condenser water temperature set points, AHU pressure differential set points and the speed of pumps and fans to dramatically reduce energy consumption without sacrificing process control or comfort.


  • NEMA 12, 4, or 3R electrical enclosures.
  • A wide range of instrumentation readings can be displayed on our HMI such as pressure, temperature, flow rate, valve position, ambient temperature, Hz, etc.
  • Heating or cooling provided to keep control components within a specified temperature range to insure proper operation and longer life.
  • Selector switches can be local and/or remote.
  • Power on/alarm reset push button.
  • E-stop push button is provided.
  • PID loops can be configured as needed for pressure, temperature and mixing valve control.

Plant controls can provide functions across several modules. Here we see a rendering for a large heat-transfer system for an industrial customer. Controls for the chiller, CHW and CW pump drives, valves for free-cooling and process cooling across plate heat exchangers, remote fan speed and integration into the Ford Motor Company plant network.

See the Case-Study here…

Ford Motor Company trusts FCS to deliver high quality equipment that meets of exceeds their stringent specifications.

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