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Our team utilizes SolidWorks® 3D CAD software and have been fully trained to produce state-of-the-industry engineering renderings. These renderings are accurate, professional depictions of what the finished product will look like, which is a valuable tool that helps our customers see what they are buying. It also helps them to determine how they will need to prep the location of their new system, including pipe routing. It’s as realistic as possible without ever cutting steel.





Fluid Cooling Systems, LLC has a proven process in place to ensure every customer purchases the best designed cooling system available for their unique process. Many times we are able to save capital equipment cost and operating expense while designing a system that is easy to operate and maintain.  We recently commissioned a large project for a Major Tier 1 Automotive Supplier that is a great example of this process.

Fluid Cooling Systems was contacted by a Major Tier 1 Automotive Supplier to bid on a pre-designed process cooling system for a new Hot Stamp line located in TN. During the bid process we developed several different designs that we felt would better serve our customer’s needs, budget and operations.

We were able to save our customer 200 HP in operating costs every hour the plant was in operation and an additional 400HP using a free cooler during early spring, late fall and the winter hours of operation. This also adds an estimated 6 years of life expectancy to the water cooled chillers we use for their chilled water needs. The estimated electrical savings every year is $111,040.00 based on $0.08 cost per kW/hr and a conservative 2600 hours of operation per year.

Heat Load Defined:

  • Two (2) Upper Die, 450 gpm @ 104 psi pressure, 50F chilled water supply
  • Two (2) Lower Die, 450 gpm @ 104 psi pressure, 50F chilled water supply
  • Two (2) Hydraulics, 300 gpm @ 70 psi pressure, 85F cooling tower water supply


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