Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

An efficient and effective method of fluid cooling, using ambient air temperature. Fans can be induced draft or forced draft, and coils can be made using copper, SS, aluminum, steel, or galvanized steel, depending on the application.

An air cooled heat exchanger system uses the ambient air temperature to cool a fluid circulating through a coil. This type of cooling can be used when the fluid being cooled is 5 F degrees or higher than ambient temperature. An air cooled heat exchanger is comprised of a coil, inlet/outlet headers, fans, motors, structural stand and several potential options.

Our coil tubes and fins can be manufactured using copper, stainless steel, aluminum, steel and galvanized steel

Inlet/Outlet Headers
Headers can be threaded pipe, flanged pipe, boxed end headers and plugged headers

Aluminum and Plastic fan blades are used in several different configurations.

Fan Arrangement
Induced Draft or Forced Draft

NEMA and EC. Direct drive or Belt driven

Structural Stand
Heavy duty galvanized steel with a polyurethane paint, galvanized steel (no paint) or aluminum


  • Epoxy coated fins
  • E-Coat over entire coil
  • Air filters
  • Fin spacing to meet specific applications
  • Individual fan disconnects
  • Custom mounting legs to meet height requirements
  • Vibration dampers
  • Control panels
  • Pump Station
  • Adiabatic Design (lowers dry bulb temperature of air before going over the cooling coil)
Air Cooled Heat Exchanger