We design and build all our industrial control panels in-house. Our standard package uses a dedicated HMI/PLC for process control, which allows flexibility in design and modification in the field, if needed.

• From wall-mounted, single-door panel to free-standing, multi-door enclosures that tie into plant controls.

• Systems can also be provided using customer-preferred HMI and PLC combination.

• Integrated to our process skids, allowing turnkey testing for sensors, motors, valves, VFDs, etc.

• We startup and troubleshoot systems onsite.


  • NEMA 12, 4, or 3R electrical enclosures
  • A wide range of instrumentation readings can be displayed on our HMI: pressure, temperature, flow rate, valve position, ambient temperature, Hz, etc.
  • Heating or cooling provided to keep control components within a specified temperature range to insure proper operation and longer life
  • Selector switches can be local and/or remote
  • Power on/alarm reset push button
  • E-stop push button
  • PID loops as needed pressure, temperature and mixing valve control