Cooling tower at Detroit Thermal

Our cooling towers, which have a 30-year life expectancy, are CTI certified and are backed by a 15-year fiberglass warranty.

• Environmentally friendly: supports water treatment. No passivation.

• Motors: marine duty, premium efficiency, cast iron.

• We use corrosion-resistant materials.

• Wide access doors.

• PVC fill with UV protection, fire resistant, non-combustible.

• We fabricate our own support structures.

Cooling Tower Features:

  • All FRP unitized casing and internal structure
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • UV Protection for extended life & strength
  • Optimum Design for all season performance including freezing climates
  • Fiberglass-Reinforced-Polyamide adjustable pitch Fans
  • Self extinguish PVC fill & PVC drift eliminator
  • Direct drive, low speed, TEFC, Inverter Duty, Marine Duty, NEMA fan motors
  • Low noise operation
  • No moving internal parts
  • Fixed non-clog distribution nozzles with variable flow rates
  • Triple-pass PVC Air Inlet Louvers
  • Large, easily removable access doors
  • Corrosion resistant strainers
  • Single or multiple fan configurations with common sump
  • Greater resistance against chlorides, sulfates, total dissolved solids and pH instability
  • No passivation process needed, no fear of “white rust”