Spirex Brochure Front Cover

Centrifugal separators are the perfect means of filtering out particulate prior to supply of water in an industrial application. The Spirex Centrifugal Separator is a patent pending device intelligently designed to optimize separation while maximizing system efficiency. With an innovative design and durable construction, it’s the only choice for centrifugal separation applications.

• The inlet guide steers the fluid tangentially into the Spirex body causing fluid to spin around the inside diameter of the vessel.

• Blades guide fluid in a continuous spiral to the bottom and prevent the fluid from taking the path of least resistance.

• Particulate is carried down the outer wall, outside of the blades, below the baffle dome where it settles.

• Our controller will allow you to purge the separator at set intervals or manually as needed.

• Clean fluid exits through the discharge pipe.

Spirex units for BP, with controls and 120v purge valves.

Spirex units for BP, with controls and 120v purge valves.


  • Open loop cooling tower systems
  • Spray water systems used for closed circuit evaporative cooling towers
  • Pre-filtration prior to a barrier style filter
  • Mechanical seal support systems
  • Spray water nozzle applications
  • Quench tank recirculation systems or cooling loops
  • River or lake water direct use applications
  • Coolant loops

1. The blades in the Spirex separator keep the fluid rotating around the body for several additional rotations when compared to more traditional separator designs. This gives the particulate more time to reach the wall of the separator and drop out of circulation, making for a more efficient and complete means of filtering.

2. Maintains system efficiency and cleanliness, saving the end-user time and money. A cleaner system will use less chemicals, reducing the amount of money spent on water treatment. Cleaner heat transfer surfaces will allow the cooling equipment to run more efficiently and stay within specifications for longer periods of time between maintenance. Maintenance personnel will not need to change any filters or maintain this system on a daily basis, unlike barrier filtration systems (bag filters, strainers).

3. This is a full flow filtration system with no moving parts to maintain or replace. If a power outage occurs, our diaphragm valve will automatically close because of its powered open/spring return design.

4. A consistent pressure drop across the centrifugal separator will aid in an efficient system pump selection that will deliver consistent flow and pressure to the end users’ equipment.

Limited Warranty
All Spirex Separators come with a five-year limited warranty. Components are covered 12 months from date of installation – up to a maximum of 18 months from ship date.

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