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Fluid Cooling Systems, LLC. or simply FCS is a multi-discipline engineering and manufacturing company located in Flint, Michigan. Started more that a decade ago, the company created its roots and carved its stellar reputation with big automotive and large multi-national manufactures anywhere in the world. A very wide variety of industrial, commercial and HVAC applications have been manufactured, delivered and commissioned over the years.

We have worked with notable multi-national and small companies in a Design-Build mode to deliver exacting solutions that customers enjoy.

And we continue to grow. We see an increasing demand for energy and resource density and that includes mechanical equipment where modularity enhances the ideal mechanical conditions of pressure, temperature and flow across a variety of chillers, boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, physical space and complex controls. Our products prove it everyday and now many understand. Modularity, with logically installed components and piping, leveraging modern variable-speed equipment, has tangible short and long term benefits for a more sustainable and energy-responsible world.

We Deliver Solutions.


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2441 E. Bristol Rd, Burton, MI 48529
Phone: 888-315-5631
Fax: 888-423-1914

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