Cogeneration Systems

Combined Power, Chilled Water and Hot Water

In cogeneration, one or more gas turbine or natural gas engines, drive generator(s) sized for the electrical demand for a factory or campus to power its equipment, HVAC, process cooling, heating and refrigeration systems. The hot exhaust can be used to create hot water and/or steam and chilled water in absorption systems.

In these plants, the Combined Cooling, Heating and Power is achieved using the turbine generator, flue gas heat, or using a gas-fired section, or a blend of both fuels. Even low quality waste heat is acceptable for some applications. We work closely with manufacturers to deliver required infrastructure.

Some absorption chillers can produce chilled water/glycol to 32°F, making it suitable for factory processes that can benefit from very cold chilled water service.

FCS provides the critical balance of plant infrastructure and integration for cogeneration systems. We work with power generator manufacturers, end customers and power system developers to provide a complete and convenient solution.

Hot Water Vapor Absorption Chiller systems are an example of process cooling and heat recovery approaches that FCS integrates into the energy efficient initiatives of our customers.
Installations can include absorption and electric chillers, chilled water, hot water and condenser water handling systems.

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