Modular Mechanical Rooms

The Fluid Cooling Systems Modular Mechanical Room is a complete process utility solution that’s fully enclosed and can be configured to suit your most complex needs. Chillers, boilers, pumps, cooling-towers, hydronic components, heat exchangers, drives, valves and controls are expertly assembled, wired and tested into rugged modular outdoor mechanical rooms. Equipment and components, and brands are designed into an MMR depending on customer needs. Cooling towers can be fiberglass or steel as requested.

We are Design-Build champions to our customers. We work closely with customers with conversations, documentation and site visits to listen, learn and deliver exacting solutions. Together, we accelerate the design-build process from inception to commissioning.

Depth in engineering, quality manufacturing and ease of doing business are cornerstones of the design-build capabilities that we strive to deliver to customers every time.


Modular Makes Sense.

It only makes sense. Modular construction conserves capital initially and can also defer requirements until there is need to expand capacity, which is also facilitated by modular designs and pre-planning.

Bringing engineering, single-point communications, pricing, assembly, fabrication, quality control, component and system testing, delivery and commissioning under one roof creates tangible efficiencies that site built systems realistically cannot match. Consistency, speed, safety, higher quality and detail. The duration of the installation is significantly reduced.

Savings of 25% is not uncommon.

Building the critical-path integrated chiller, boiler, pumping systems, cooling towers, free-cooling systems and their control in a factory environment that is managed, quality-controlled and efficiently manned every day enables site work to require fewer diverse disciplines interacting in the space. Parallel work compresses the time required for the entire project. Site realities which result in higher pressure-drops and pipe runs with more bends and reductions is eliminated so that owner risks around ROI are mitigated.

The coordination of diverse contractors, worker availability and site schedules is eliminated in a factory built system.

The Time-Use-of-Money is Relevant.

Compact Modular Plants have the advantage of everything being close-coupled compared to larger facility rooms. Pipe runs are shorter with fewer bends or reductions for site realities. Fluid velocities, pressure-drops and delta-t are engineered in, better controlled, and assures every sub-system like chillers, heat exchangers and boilers operate within their ideal envelope of conditions. Variability in any of these areas can create havoc in downstream processes and control. If inadequately mitigated or remediated, process cooling system variability can undermine the company’s bottom-line.

Further, modularization results in both better long-term service life, energy efficiency and reduced maintenance frequency by eliminating operational deviations in flow, pressure or temperature.

OPEX Efficiencies Can Be Significant.

Understanding energy-density dynamics is becoming part of a larger business strategy for the responsible consumption of resources. Certainly, reducing the input energy of vital process equipment reduces the facility carbon footprint.

Modularization achieves a goal beyond capital and operational savings. It enables better use of facility space by moving utility production and control outdoors or on the roof. It reduces the number of diverse people that must access the equipment room, it preserves hydronic and engineering fundamentals and produces sustainable energy savings. An example is our oil-free packaged chiller options which avoid fouling of the evaporator and condenser over time and the energy efficiency loss. Oil-free is a sustainable approach for cooling systems.

Modularization Facilitates Carbon Footprint Reduction.

In a post COVID world, modularization serves another purpose. It reduces the number of workers from diverse settings in facilities during site construction and the Modular Mechanical Room is an outdoor, locked and secure facility that few workers will access. We can equip utility buildings with temperature sensors and humidity controls.

Modular equipment for industrial and HVAC applications are available as turn-key systems. Engineered, fabricated and commissioned by Fluid Cooling Systems professionals with quality control at every step of the way. This Solution delivers highest total value.

Fluid Cooling Systems Modular Equipment can be small to thousands of tons requiring several modular connected buildings for the packaged equipment.

Distinct Advantages

The MCP solution includes lower first cost and reduced operational costs, system expand-ability, better use of inside space to move utility systems outdoors or above the building, higher energy efficiency, better control of pressure, temperature and flow, ease of maintenance, reduction of risk, guaranteed long-term performance and value, reduced installation time and inherently higher overall quality in detail and execution. For facility owners, it may be possible to enjoy the tax benefits of amortizing the entire plant as a unit. This may not be possible with other approaches.

Whether it’s a modular chiller plant or other custom HVAC or process cooling system, our engineers will work with you to provide an industrial solution that’s smart, efficient, robust and engineered to last while saving operating and maintenance costs. Our modular mechanical rooms are designed to make the installation and start-up process as easy and as rapid as possible. Simply run power to our control panel and connect your inlet and outlet pipe connections, BMS connections, and you’re ready to go.

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Systems can be open and skidded, outdoors or enclosed within a metal building with rigid foam insulated walls and roof as required.


Air cooled chillers can be equipped with adiabatic systems for increased energy efficiency.

Quality Assurance Throughout the Process

Every system goes through an in-shop run-off procedure to guarantee a successful start-up of each modular system in the field. As with all of our products and solutions, each system is covered by a limited two-year warranty. We also offer maintenance and service plans with remote monitoring and a smart alerting system, so you can enjoy worry-free operation beyond our warranty period.


High-Efficiency sustainable chillers are available. Oil-Free Centrifugal chillers featuring Danfoss Turbocor compressors can be air cooled, water cooled or evaporative cooled. Water cooled models can be equipped with our refrigerant economizer to deliver the lowest kW/ton ratings in the industry. Models are available as chillers and heat pumps. FCS Turbocor chillers can use modern low GWP refrigerants including R-515B, R-134a, R-513A and R-1234ze. FCS has extensive expertise in industrial controls and can equip your system with a ruggedized PLC or DDC control system. New controllers feature TCP/IP internet connectivity. Choosing FCS equipment with Danfoss Turbocor chillers delivers both energy efficiency and sustainability, and is a future-looking approach to resource density along with corporate, legal and societal responses to climate change.

Key Features & Benefits

Our modular design is easy to transport and install.

Enclosures feature welded steel structures and rigid-foam steel sided panels in many colors and textures.

Enclosures can be designed for local wind and snow loads and codes.

Systems are built to be scalable to accommodate future demands and growth

Enclosed mechanical rooms include an exterior panel for single-point power connection.

PLC/HMI controlled with offsite monitoring and diagnostics

Multiple lockable access doors and hatches for maintenance.

Enclosures include exterior and interior lighting, air conditioning and heating, convenience receptacles and emergency refrigerant exhaust systems.

You get a complete solution with a complete two-year warranty.

Additional Features

Track and trolley with chain fall for the purpose of extracting equipment for maintenance

Protected pipe and conduit chase under main deck

Robust structure with flat top so that cooling towers or other equipment could be placed there to save space

Engineered lift points at center top with lifting diagrams

PLC/HMI controlled, with remote laptop/tablet options. Wired/wireless connectivity. Offsite monitoring and diagnostics. Data logging: multiple points – relative humidity, pressure, temps, water and air temp, etc.

Battery backup for controls and any power actuated valves

Build to any spec, no matter how stringent (materials, location, weather, footprint, etc.)

Conditioned space with lighting, windows and interior/exterior convenience outlets

Engineered lift points at center top with lifting diagrams

Anti-skid epoxy floors

Adheres to NFP code

Onsite assistance for build out if desired

Ongoing maintenance option


Sample Fluid Cooling Systems Projects


5,200 ton, Seven Outdoor Modules for Process Chilled and Condenser Water System

Chilled water system using three (3) pumps, 2 in operation, 1 stand-by

18” welded pipe, insulated

Duplex basket strainer

Condenser water system consisting of three (3) pumps, 2 in operation, 1 stand-by

24” welded pipe

Spirex Centrifugal Separator for full flow filtration

Chemical treatment

Corrosion coupon rack

Four (4) cell cooling tower system

Four (4) centrifugal water cooled chillers totaling 5200 tons

Seven (7) modular mechanical rooms to enclose prepackaged systems

Motor control center complete with all controls and instrumentation

Meet Ford specs. Most cannot.


Cooling of Induction Furnaces for Scrap Metal Processing

Dual Loop design

Modular mechanical room houses open loop pump station and supports the open loop cooling tower

Open loop duplex pump station

6” welded pipe

Spirex Centrifugal Separator for full flow filtration

1500 gallon remote tank

Chemical feed system

Closed Loop Duplex Pump Station

Stainless steel construction

6” welded stainless steel pipe

Plate and frame heat exchanger

1000 gallon tank

NEMA 12 control panel


Cooling of Air Compressors, Billet Heaters, Forge Press, Trim Press and Heat Treat Systems

Open Loop Duplex Pump station

6” welded pipe

Spirex Centrifugal Separator for full flow filtration

1500 gallon remote tank

Chemical feed system

NEMA 12 Control Panel with PLC/HMI


Cooling Induction Equipment Used in the Manufacturing of Crankshafts

Open Loop Duplex Pump Station

6” welded pipe

Spirex Centrifugal Separator for full flow filtration

1500 gallon remote tank

Chemical feed system

NEMA 12 control panel with PLC/HMI