Fluid Cooling Systems

Fluid Cooling Systems, LLC, known as FCS, is a versatile engineering and manufacturing firm based in Burton, Michigan. With roots spanning over a decade, we've earned a stellar reputation among major automotive and multinational manufacturers worldwide. Our portfolio includes a wide array of industrial, commercial, and HVAC applications, all delivered with precision and excellence.

We've collaborated with both multinational corporations and smaller companies in a design-build capacity, ensuring tailored solutions that exceed expectations. As our company continues to expand, we're witnessing a rising demand for energy and resource efficiency, particularly in mechanical equipment. Modularity plays a crucial role in enhancing mechanical conditions like pressure, temperature, and flow across various systems such as chillers, boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, and complex controls.

The use of modularity, combined with strategically installed components and piping, and the utilization of modern variable-speed equipment, yields tangible benefits for sustainability and energy responsibility. Every day, our products showcase the advantages of this approach, contributing to a more sustainable and energy-efficient world.