Filtration Systems

Extend the life of your entire system and vital infrastructure.

Dirty water fouls heat transfer surfaces, making them less efficient and can cause significant damage to your system. A filtration system is a critical component to any fluid cooling system. Small amounts of fouling can greatly affect the thermal-conductivity of tubing. Keeping a system clean yields sustainability in performance.


SPIREX™ Centrifugal Separator

Excellent for large flows with heavy particulates.

The SPIREX™ Centrifugal Separator is a patent pending device intelligently designed to optimize separation while maximizing system efficiency. With an innovative design and durable construction, it’s the only choice for centrifugal separation applications.


Bag Filtration Systems

Excellent for medium flows requiring medium to small particulate removal.

1 to 100 micron based on bag selection.

Side stream or full flow filtration available.

Customizable systems to accommodate any flow rate.

Multiple filter systems have valves for individual isolation for ease of maintenance.

Packaged pump and controls for side stream applications.

Can be combined with a SPIREX™ Centrifugal Separator for “staged” filtration.

Options Include

Material of construction of filter housing; carbon steel, 304/316 stainless steel, aluminum and polypropylene

Material of construction of bag filter; fiber, polyester, polypropylene, nylon

ASME Construction

Pressure differential gauges

Control packages using pressure transducers, HMI screen, visual and audio indication for bag change out or cleaning