Our Experience

Fluid Cooling Systems stands out in our industry for our proven track record in developing innovative, often bespoke, and consistently cost-effective solutions to address a broad spectrum of industrial and HVAC needs. Clients frequently turn to us as their sole provider because they recognize the quality, value, and integrity we bring to each project. With expertise spanning chilled water systems, heat recovery, filtration, hot water, co-generation, large-scale heat pumps, and various process cooling systems, our extensive experience across diverse disciplines enables us to deliver precise solutions tailored to every requirement.

We boast a wealth of experience working with various utilities and chilled water systems, as well as gases, compressed air, industrial chemicals, wastewater, radioactive liquids, hot oils, paints, coatings, and quench systems, among others. Our foray into HVAC has naturally evolved from our esteemed reputation in the industrial sector.

Throughout our tenure, we have established standards and best practices ranging from pump stations and heat recovery systems to free-cooling skids and modular central plants. These evolving standards play a crucial role in facilitating detailed discussions and ensuring a thorough mutual understanding of our clients' needs and objectives.

For well-engineered, cost-effective process and HVAC solutions, Fluid Cooling Systems is the premier resource you can trust.

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