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Immersion Cooling Systems for Crypto Mining & Data Centers

Immerse crypto and data center servers in cutting-edge cooling with our advanced systems. Our high-precision design circulates specially engineered dielectric fluid across processors, ensuring optimal velocity for temperatures and flows. Beyond cooling, our design enhances processor "hash rates” for maximum efficiency.

We tailor configurations to your needs. Our systems can have plate and frame heat exchangers, isolating dielectric fluid, or opt for direct flow cooling to large air-cooled exchangers with variable speed drives.

Fluid Cooling Systems excels in large-scale operations, seamlessly integrating pump skids with outdoor air-cooled heat exchangers for reliable megawatt-scale capacity.

For smaller-scale needs, opt for a space-efficient setup with server tanks in shipping containers, complete with a service walkway. Trust our expertise for scalable cooling solutions aligning with your operational demands.



Dry Coolers, electric and adsorption type chillers can be employed depending on the application. For crypto-currency miners, dry-coolers using BitCool fluid can directly cool server tanks.


300MW ASIC BitCoin Miner System

Integrates Thousands of Miners

Large & Small Systems Available

Features Redundant Pump Stations

Shipping Container Option for Miners

Direct Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

Precise Temperature & Velocity Control

Variable-Speed Pump & Fan Drives

Can Include Immersion Tank Farms


Data Centers and Crypto Miners

Our extensive experience in developing cooling systems for critical operations extends to high-speed cryptocurrency miners. We specialize in the design and construction of process skids and secure enclosures, incorporating pumping, heat transfer, and heat rejection mechanisms. Whether utilizing traditional tower systems or custom-engineered dry fluid coolers, our solutions are tailored to meet the unique demands of crypto mining.

We implement single-phase BitCool fluids that flow at a controlled velocity across the processors of immersed servers. Our offerings include compact, modular, and expandable systems featuring stainless-steel immersion tanks designed specifically for ASIC Miners.

For optimal performance, servers can operate at higher fluid temperatures, directing heat to dry fluid coolers through sensible heat. We employ closed-loop cooling towers and plate heat exchangers to isolate the server room from the tower system, ensuring efficient and reliable cooling. Additionally, our innovative approach involves installing heat rejection and pumping systems on the roof of enclosed modules, enabling seamless expansion of miner capabilities to adjacent fully equipped parallel miner modules.


Modular central utility plants can include chillers, pumps, cooling towers, tanks, plate heat exchangers and can be deployed as skids in an equipment room or as outdoor enclosed modules.


Dry fluid coolers can be employed whenever the server fluid temperatures are high enough to eliminate the use of chillers. Dry-Coolers can use adiabatic systems to drive even higher energy efficiency where temperatures permit. Fans can be fixed speed or have VSD drives.