Boiler & Hot Water Systems

Hot water serves as a vital component in various industries, including food processing, chemical manufacturing, and industrial production. However, managing the fluctuations in heat loads and flow rates throughout the day is crucial, as it directly impacts operational efficiency and worker safety. FCS specializes in designing hot water systems, ensuring reliability and adaptability to meet diverse needs.


Similarly, steam finds widespread application in processes due to its high heat content and stable temperature characteristics. Whether in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, or other manufacturing sectors, steam plays a pivotal role. FCS designs closed-loop systems for efficient steam utilization, incorporating heat exchangers and pumps where needed. Additionally, advancements in boiler and hot-water technologies have led to increased efficiencies, particularly with condensing boilers and heat pumps for HVAC purposes.

Our packaged steam-to-hot-water systems offer compact and efficient solutions, tailored to specific demands and applications. With evolving technologies, there's a trend towards smaller demands for steam and hot water, necessitating flexible and modular systems. Hot Water Skids from FCS embody cost-effectiveness, compactness, thermal efficiency, ease of installation and maintenance, transportability, and adaptability to evolving needs and technologies.