Compact cost-effective integrated systems


Experience Efficiency with FCS Modular Mechanical Rooms

The FCS Modular Mechanical Room integrates over a decade of engineered solutions for packaged heat-transfer systems into a fully enclosed and integrated design. This innovative system offers economic and operational advantages for both Process and HVAC duties. It is a comprehensive process utility solution that arrives on-site essentially as a plug-and-play unit. The Modular Mechanical Room is delivered fully assembled and enclosed, ready to go—all that's required is the connection of pipes and electrical components. This flexibility allows for easy configuration to meet your most complex needs. The system includes chillers, boilers, pumps, cooling towers, hydronic components, heat exchangers, drives, valves, and controls, all within a rugged modular outdoor enclosure.

Achieving CAPEX and Time Reduction

Modular construction is the sensible choice, conserving capital upfront and deferring requirements until expansion is needed—an aspect facilitated by modular designs and pre-planning. Centralizing engineering, communication, pricing, assembly, fabrication, quality control, testing, delivery, and commissioning under one roof creates tangible efficiencies unmatched by site-built systems. Experience consistency, speed, safety, higher quality, and detail, significantly reducing installation duration, with potential savings of up to 25%.

Ensuring Objectives with Compact Modular Plants

Compact Modular Plants offer inherent advantages with everything close-coupled, minimizing pipe runs and reducing bends or reductions. Engineered fluid velocities, pressure drops, and delta-T ensure optimal conditions for each sub-system—chillers, heat exchangers, and boilers operate efficiently, enhancing overall operational efficiencies. Addressing variability in these areas mitigates potential downstream havoc and safeguards the company's bottom line.

Factory Manufacturing - Time, Money, and Risk Mitigation

Building integrated chiller, boiler, pumping systems, cooling towers, free-cooling systems, and their controls in a managed and quality-controlled factory environment streamlines site work. Parallel work compresses project timelines, eliminating site realities that result in higher pressure drops and pipe runs with more bends and reductions. This minimizes owner risks around ROI by eliminating coordination challenges, diverse contractor involvement, and adhering to site schedules.

Time Efficiency Translates to Financial Gain

The Modular solution not only boasts lower first costs and reduced operational expenses but also offers system expandability, enhanced energy efficiency, better control of pressure, temperature, and flow, ease of maintenance, and a reduction of risk. Owners, engineers, and contractors benefit from guaranteed long-term performance and value, reduced installation time, and inherently higher overall quality in detail and execution. Facility owners may also enjoy tax benefits by amortizing the entire plant as a unit—an advantage not easily achievable with other approaches.

Experience efficiency, reliability, and long-term value with FCS Modular Mechanical Rooms—a cutting-edge solution tailored to your needs.



Modular designs are less costly to implement and easy to transport and install.

Enclosures feature welded steel structures and rigid-foam steel-sided panels in many colors and textures.

Floors are continuously welded to the structural steel support system.

Walls and roofs are robust with all-welded structures.

Enclosures can be designed for local wind and snow loads and codes.

Modules are scalable to accommodate future demands or relocation.

Single point power connection.

PLC/HMI controlled with off-site monitoring and diagnostics.

Data logging of relative humidity, pressure, temps, water and air temp, etc.

Multiple lockable access doors and hatches for maintenance.

Track and trolley with chain fall for workers extracting equipment for maintenance.

Protected conduit chase under the main deck.

Engineered lift points with lifting diagrams.

Battery backup for controls and any power-actuated valves.

Enclosed conditioned space with lighting, refrigerant monitoring and discharge, interior/ exterior convenience outlets, work tables, eye-wash stations, and more.

Insulation options, up to 6” rigid foam in place with steel and aluminum sides.

Anti-skid epoxy floors.

Onsite assistance and ongoing maintenance options available.