Providing sophisticated, exacting and efficient process solutions isn’t easy, but that’s what our clients expect from us!

Pumping systems from one to multiple pumps and 20 to 350 HP per pump are available. Custom systems for any duty are engineered and built to order. System shown includes a buffer tank, pumps and plate heat exchanger.

Process Cooling and Fluid Handling Systems
For the past decade, Fluid Cooling Systems earned its valuable reputation engineering and delivering premium quality integrated packaged solutions. We work closely with customers to solve the diverse cooling, heat transfer and heat recovery requirements of multi-national industrial and HVAC customers. FCS Solutions are cost-effective, high-quality, energy-efficient and reliable.

Accelerate Your Design Build Projects
Design-Build capabilities are world-class and sets FCS apart. Our customers enjoy our outstanding depth in the engineering of diverse and innovative process solutions. This begins with conversations and on-site visits to listen, learn and execute ideal solutions together. Our culture is to deliver outstanding customer experiences. We are easy to do business with.

Value Creation From Day-One
Precision engineering and experienced manufacturing are brought together with people who do only this kind of work. This assures high quality, efficient solutions and customer value. Skilled rigging, welding, electrical and controls professionals using consistent processes and tight quality control from concept to commissioning is what our customers have come to expect from FCS.

A Reputation for Excellence
Repeat business is testimony to the continuing value that our solutions-oriented approach deliver. We leverage customer needs and desires with our mutual solid experiences to draw from to deliver the right solutions. We earn increasing responsibility and project scope from long-term relationships, including the manufacturing and complex systems integration of chillers, boilers, absorbers, pump stations, heat exchangers, sensors, towers, dry coolers, automatic valves variable-speed drives and smart controls.

Climate Neutrality
Our team is committed to providing equipment and solutions that conserve energy, provide sustainable operation and reduce carbon. It our business to support our customers in their initiatives towards climate neutrality. Our MCP designs with sustainable, high-efficiency, oil-free technology can use low GWP and Zero ODP refrigerants that provide significant energy and carbon reductions. New technologies can reduce or eliminate conventional reheat energy, reduce chiller loads while eliminating up to 99.9% of HVAC borne pathogens like COVID.

Modular equipment rooms can contain absorption and electric chillers, heat exchangers, chilled and condenser pumps, VSD drives, boilers integrated controls and more. Modular plants save capital and operational costs.

Modular Packaged Solutions
From simple pump-stations and heat-transfer skids to large fully integrated outdoor utility buildings, FCS has outstanding experience in the design and manufacturing of solutions that are dependable and cost-effective.

OFF-SITE – Benefits for All Stakeholders
Off-site manufacturing of complex modular integrated equipment in parallel with less complex site work effectively compresses the overall project TIME, as well as COST. Off-Site modular manufacturing compresses construction schedules with tangible benefits for consulting engineers, site contractors and facility owners to reduce logistics, delays and the time-use-of-money. Owners may also be able to enjoy certain tax benefits from the ability to rapidly amortize an entire MCP plant with everything contained.

Simplified Project Coordination
Assembly, testing and integrated functionality between components are accomplished at the FCS factory before the equipment reaches a job site. Unknowns are avoided. Factory built systems eliminate delays and costs from any poor coordination of work, schedules and equipment integration issues between diverse disciplines and multiple controls systems. Site initiated Change-Orders are eliminated. Site workflow is more streamlined and efficient. With only one point of contact for complex packaged equipment and commissioning, project coordination is greatly simplified and predictable.

Inherent Quality and Higher Value
Engineered compact modules have shorter pipe runs and precise control of fluid velocities, pressure-drop, delta-t and approach temperatures across heat exchangers. Construction is accomplished by workers with direct experience and best-practices learned over time. These facts and procedures combine to assure the entire plant and every critical subsystem is operating within its ideal conditions, and under one controller. Greater system stability results in maximum system up-time, energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

We Deliver Solutions.

Critical-duty process cooling system includes four air cooled chillers, dedicated plate and frame heat exchangers, three operating and one standby, redundant pumping and rugged PLC controls. System includes TRIM and FREE-COOLING with two air cooled dry coolers piped in series. Valves divert the chilled water return through the dry coolers at 60F to trim the delta-t and reduce chiller energy. The system will enter 100% FREE cooling mode and deactivate the chillers entirely when ambient temperatures permit.

Fully narrated presentation regarding products, markets we serve, the compelling advantages of off-site manufacturing of engineered integrated packaged solutions. Sample Solutions that FCS has delivered are discussed. This presentation dives into example projects of Process and HVAC applications.

We Deliver Solutions.

This distributed process-cooling and pumping system engineered for a well known manufacturer features eight variable speed vertical process pump station with stainless steel tanks, a central buffer-tank and pumping system, and controls.

Quality Above All

We are ISO certified and have quality controls in place from project management to safety regulations. We manage your project from end to end. Never driven by price, we listen, understand and then design the best solution and build it to perform reliably and last using the highest quality materials and components.

Customers First

We educate our customers so they are comfortable with our recommendations and appreciate our selections and built-in benefits. Customers appreciate knowing how and why we developed our solutions and it’s a great way to build trust. The engineering intent of our customers is persevered and honored.

Value In Partnerships

We approach our business relationships as a partnership with our customers and suppliers alike, gaining a thorough understanding of products, processes, specifications and budgets, and working toward common goals. We enjoy repeat business from the most sought after companies.

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Customer Testimonials

Fluid Cooling Systems has become a trusted partner to us. They always come through with innovative, industrial solutions that provide excellent value and ROI.

Kenneth Herbst, Johnson Controls Inc.


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